Company Profile

METALIKO, s.r.o., is a well established manufacturing company with more than 15 years of tradition and experience in the field of manufacturing of stainless steel structures , weldments and complicated parts, and manufacturing of carbon steel constructions.

Our customers are among the world´s leaders in the medical, food, chemical, shipbuilding industry and manufacturing of industrial furnaces. Metaliko exports primarily to western Europe  (Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Holland).

Manufacturing takes place mainly in our production facility. In a production area of more than 1400m2, we perform complete processing of stainless steel, excluding carbon material. Therefore we are able to secure the highest quality of stainless steel products without any risk of carbon contamination. We specialize in sheet metal and profile processing, from their laser burning or water jet cutting, bending, through welding to the final surface treatment by glass blasting, pickling or electropolishing. In addition to manufacturing, we also provide our customers with assembly and functional testing.

In Cooperation with our partners, we offer manufacturing of carbon steel structures and weldments incl. wet coating, powder coating and hot dip galvanizing.  In special cases we also provide mechanical machining of the parts.

Manufacturing is based on drawings supplied by the customer. If required, we can also create a detailed production documentation.

Fields of Activities

  • elaboration of design and manufacturing documentation
  • production of stainless steel weldments
  • production of carbon steel weldments
  • mechanical processing
  • sheet metal parts
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